Our ceramic cremation urns are handcrafted close to Heaven in Glen Dale, WV.

Welcome to Nine Rainbows Urns. All of our cremation urns and ceramic funeral urns are crafted with love for you and your loved one. Please take a look at our selection of decorative funeral urns and remember that we also craft custom keepsake urns for a more personal touch for you or your loved one. The standard urns are 15 inches high and hold 282 cubic inches. Designs are completely around the urn. All have 14 caret gold finial and bands. Sizes range from: 21″ Companion Urns to 6″ Keepsake Urns.

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We offer many different styles of urnsinfant urns, keepsake urns, urns for sportsmenpet urns, custom pet urns, scenic urns, stylized rose urns, wildflower urns, and more.  All are handcrafted to be the very best ceramic cremation urns for you and your loved one.